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Canin Carlos Apriori-Mendoza
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The the development of this site is being paused while I convert the majority of my projects to use Docker and NextJS/React.

I seek work as a Data Engineer, or Analyst, using Python, that enables me to further my knowledge of Natural Language Processing.

In the spirit of efficiency, and inspired by Keziyah; the following information is provided upfront.


* non-negotiable

What I Bring:

10+ years of daily/weekly coding experience using Linux, SQL, Python, LaTeX and JavaScript.

10+ years of team-building experience, centered around diverse voices and communities; on two continents and in multiple langauges.

I am multi-lingual and culturally fluid; I have all of the soft skills required to propel teams forward compassionately, cohesively and consistently.

If you have anything that matches my interests, or web development around data, you can email me at canin at dreamfreely dot org title prefaced by DFPO.

Thank you.